Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's not just a saying.....

Working hard really does pay off! These days have been so hot that when Im not in work clothes, I am usually in shorts or a swimsuit. Last weekend I put on a pair of jeans and they were much less tight than the last time, so I tried on another pair and they were also much better fitting on me. I was so proud and excited! I honestly have been busting my butt at the gym for the past 4 weeks, and it is nice to finally see a change.

I havent lost pounds since the first 2, but I must be losing inches. I stick to the same routine, and it seems to be working for now. Twice a week I do 25 minutes of running combined with 40 minutes of the functional training, and the other 2 days I do 30 minutes of running, 20 minutes walking on an incline and follow it up with 30 minutes of spin. I finished my bike recently and have ridden about once a week, 4 miles. I would like to start riding twice a week at least. I haven't been working out on the weekend or eating well on those days either, so Im sure if I added that in I would see even more of a difference! I remain consistent with tracking my calories as well as my workouts. I eat well (minus candy in the evening....I cant help this sweet tooth) and eat enough that I stay full. I hope that I continue to see progress as the weeks go on.

Like I said, I do NOT eat all that healthy on the weekends, but I have started making better choices, and calorie tracking has helped a ton with this. Last saturday I ate at Chilis, Dennys and Gators all on the same day and managed to stay within my calorie range. This Friday I cannot wait to cook up dinner for Adam and myself, and I plan to make buffalo chicken lasagna, tomato basil and mozzarella skewers, garlic breadsticks and cannoli. I have been thinking of the winter holidays a lot so I think Ill bake up some pumpkin cinnamon rolls on Saturday. Mmmmm.

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