Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gainesville Food and Drink

Last weekend I headed up to Gainesville and had a great weekend! I have been doing exceptionally well with tracking my food and was ready to spend a whole days calories on dinner. Adam and I had planned to grill out on Friday and make cheesey burgers, corn on the cob, macaroni salad and sweet potatoe oven wedges (my favorite snack/side that he turned me onto a year ago). It was so good and so nice to fire up the grill and eat out on the porch. We got some ground sirloin and seasoned with s&p, then cubed some reduced fat chessar and molded it into the burger. These were HUGE, I mean about 9oz per burger before grilling and I admit that I came so close to finishing mine before I realized how many calories I was truly eating. We placed a little more cheese on top and I demanded a pineapple slice to put me in the summer mood. Looking at the pictures is making my mouth water for another.....summer food is just the best!
On Saturday night I really wanted to get out to a local mexican place. Since mexican is one of our favorite foods, and we will be apart on Cinco De Mayo this year, I needed to get my fix with Adam. Honestly, I was not very impressed with the place we went to. It was definitely authentic and got pretty crowded, but Maria Bonitas and a few other places have it topped, so I say we need to keep looking for our place in Gainesville. There is another recommended place there that we will try next. I did really like the BIG margarita! Instead of pitcers they just have the really large glasses and this lasted us through our whole meal.
I wish that I would have taken a picture of this little bakery that I have requested be our Saturday morning stop each time I come up. They have fresh, all natural breads that they make as well as pastries, cookies, cakes and the best big bagels. The everythings were completely covered adn this week I went for the chocolate chip which was so good. It is nice to have those kinds of places, as we really don't have that in Orlando for some reason. There is also a nice fish market next door with fresh caught sushi grade fish, crab, shrimp and tons of marinades/sauces.
I was sad to have to go on Sunday but will be back twice in the coming week. Even though it is a college town, there is plenty of country just down the road and lots of nice, little places to explore. I look forward to learning my way around.

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