Thursday, April 29, 2010


In the past few weeks a lot of changes have taken place. Adam moved and we have had a couple weekends of traveling to each others houses. It is working well, minus the fact that we don't have all of Sunday together anymore, and I think our plan is going to work out. It is still a bummer to be away from each other for so long, but we are working with what we've got for now! It really makes me look forward to the weekends and appreciate things so much more. I CANNOT wait to get there tomorrow evening!!

Also, I have been extremely good with my food and workouts! Thanks to my mom I had homemade soup for dinner this week and my calories and 4 times a week workouts are leaving me room to eat a little bad on the weekends, as long as it is in moderation. I have cut out sugar for the most part, I eat maybe 1 piece of candy at work, so I cannot wait to have a few Jujys that are waiting for me at Adams. I deserve it! I am down about 2 pounds, and even that little bit makes me feel so much better. I dont dread wearing my bathing suit as much as I did a month ago.

I do have to admit that I miss cooking fun things, but there's no way Im slaving for an hour to feed myself, and plus, it's really helping me with my goals. I do plan to make some cookies for when Adams family is down in a few weeks that I will be blogging, it's been so long since I have had anything going on here. Since Cinco De Mayo is during the week this year, I think we are going to try to celebrate on Saturday night. Ive got the sombreros in the care ready to go! So, while things aren't ideal right now (and I definitely get sad during the weeks), things are definitely going well.

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