Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Progress

Recently I have been doing very well with my food and my workouts. I track my calories and exercise with and really find some motivational people on their to help me stick to my program. Even when I eat something bad I have had it factored into my day and haven't been going over my allowance of calories. That website really is great and seeing everyones success just makes me want to keep going. I have even been having that 'thin' feeling, which I so much love!

I have been thinking lately about how I need to up my workouts in order to speed up my weightloss, since I have been doing the same thing for quite some time. I am in need of a challenge that will push my body, so today I decided to try hill intervals. I started with a 5 minute warmup at 1.0 incline (my usual) and 6mph. After that I spent 3 minutes at 6mph but 4.0 incline, then 2 minutes at 6 mph and 1.o incline. My original plan had been to do this 4 times, followed by another 5 minute steady pace, but I only made it 3 times. I was SO tired! That is definitely getting thrown into my routine and I hope to be able to do 4 of those intervals. I can just imagine that it will help me speed up losing some pounds/inches. I followed the 3 intervals with 15 minutes of walking at 4.2mph on a 7.0 incline. I feel good :)

So far I seem to have found a happy place with all of this. Tomorrow is the Magic Playoff Game #2, and I have already planned out all of my calories for the day so that I dont go over and am able to enjoy a BIG PRETZEL!

I have been busy finishing up school for the semester and have been busy at work the past few weeks. I helped Adam unpack in the new house this weekend, and really enjoyed the place. For living apart for so many months we are in a great place and I just cannot wait to be close again.

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