Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taking it Day by Day

I havent really had much to post about lately. Things are a bit hectic as I try to finish up this semester, but I am happy to say that, this week especially, I have been back on track with my food. I joined sparkpeople and have really found it helpful. The motivational weight loss blogs are encouraging and the fact that everyone can see what I eat has helped me stay on track. I even went out last night and didnt eat more than a few chips and celery pieces, as I had preplanned and ate a lean cuisine before I went.

I have been buying my food for the week and portioning everything out on sundays, so I can grab and go easily, knowing exactly what I have. I have been good at making healthy choices and sticking to a good portion for me. I know this seems to happen every few months, but I really feel good about it this time! I have a much longer goal now, I would just like to be slimmed down by next February. It puts less stress on me and so I think it will be beneficial for longterm weightloss in the end.

I have been a little stressed with Adams move coming up. Not seeing each other during the weeks has been hard, some weeks are worse than others, but I am just so ready to go back to having a normal schedule! Hopefully it wont be long until we are back in one spot. I am really looking forward to this weekend as we are heading to the beach, and then Adam will be in town all next week, until Friday when he and the moving truck head up to Gainesville :( I will follow shortly after, when I get off of work and spend the weekend there in his new home. I am excited for him, he can finally get out of the hotel rooms, but sad that it is more like we are really apart from one another. Ugh, how depressing!!

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