Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On the weekend nights Adam and I usually have a few drinks and play darts, or scrabble slam, the Wii (finally!) or watch the games. So last Saturday we went to ABC to stock up on some alcoholic treats, and I stumbled upon this Margarita bottle. Its only 100 Calories for 4 oz, and its made with all natural ingredients. I didn't get to trying it until last night, and it was really pretty good! I could definitely forgo the usual mix for this and cut some big calories out, and definitely lots of sugar as well.

At the time I did not know it was from this crazed Housewives lady, and that would have made me not buy it so Im glad that I found out later. If I turn into a crazy person Ill blame her drink! I am happy to have found this and would recommend it to any Margarita lovers who also want to cut down on their calories.

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