Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me vs My Pants

Last night Adam and I decided to go out to nickel beer and dinner, since he is leaving town today. I had planned this into my evening and even rejected a pizza lunch so that I could indulge myself. I have been doing so well lately that I just could not wait to put on my jeans and feel the freedom of having them fit a bit better. It was going to be glorious, angels would sing and there would be a big bright yellow glow around me! Well, that didnt happen at all and they fit the same! What the hell?! After how much effort Im putting in here I definitely expected to see some kind of result, as small as it may be; and I saw none.

I just want this fat to melt off, the way it does so many other people. Im tracking my foods religiously, working out to the max and I want the fat to be gone! Its not like I am expecting overnight results or anything, just something as a sign of the beginning. Its pretty discouraging that I feel thinner, but I obviously have made no real dent in what I want to accomplish. Jeans, I will be back for you next week!!

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