Monday, January 25, 2010

If you want to go jeans shopping, or better yet bathing suit shopping.....

This is what Jillian Michaels has been doing to motivate me over the past 2 weeks, telling me that if Im going jeans or bathing suit shopping, I need to stick to all the moves in the video. This lady really knows how to get me going, because it has actually worked, especially since I am going to be going shopping for summer clothes soon. I already got 2 bathing suits that I would like to fit into a little better in the bottom region (think pear meets apple, and not the firm kind but more of a few weeks old, rotting on the counter).

So, for 2 weeks Ive done my 30 day shred in the morning ('This is your workout, make it as hard or as easy as you want, but when you've got a 20 minute workout you really need to make it count.' way to put the guilt trip on!)as well as working out at night and I have also tried the trouble zones video. Since its a strength training video, I can really tell that my body is adjusting to the new found muscle and liking it. Its only 20 minutes but can really get you going. I even need to bump it up to level 3 because Ive seemed to have mastered level 2 and no longer find it as much of a challenge.

I have also been eating better and really controling myself and actually stopping when I am full which I never used to do. I am happy to say that I was down 4 pounds on Friday! This equals about a pound a week since Ive started to try to slim down again. If I can keep this up than I can lose a few more before march and the Bahamas. It will be easy once Adam is away all weekdays, I can easily eat less when I am alone. Individual 40 calorie veggies, frozen ground turkey, fish, veggie burgers, tortilla pizzas and tea for snack are definitely doable for me. If I could keep this going for 6 weeks I know I would see some sort of difference.

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