Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From Christmas to Beach Vacations

If you want inspiration to get your butt in gear, look no further than celeb sites with current pictures. All of the stars seem to be basking in the sun of the islands right now, with their perfect beach bodies! Wasnt it just Christmas?! There seems to be about zero transition time here, and I know that I certianly could not/would not go out in a bikini right now. I just finished the egg nog, the cookies, the celebrating! Well, this means spring is right around the corner here in Florida, and I really need to step it up.

As I drove to work this morning all that I could think about was a bacon egg and cheese bagel, or a chicken biscuit, and my mouth was watering. You see, last night I worked out and then settled for a no bun veggie burger, veggies and part of a sweet potato, roasted of course. While it was good, and made me feel good, it was not at all filling in any way. So when I knew I had oatmeal for breakfast, my body was screaming for something delicious instead. I resisted and am now eating said oatmeal. My days food consists of oatmeal, 10 rf wheat thins for snack, 1/3 cup granola for snack, 1 cup lettuce corn avacado bell pepper salad with 2 tbsp salsa as dressing and a veggie burger, sans bun, for lunch. Thats about 550 calories and I hope to work a good part of that off tonight. Sounds delicious....well, if it gets me skinny then I will not complain! I just wish i didnt have these visions of sundresses, bikinis and shorts in my head already, it's only January people!

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