Monday, January 4, 2010

Everyone is on a diet

This is the time of year when everyone you know is on a diet. They are dead set on losing 5 pounds, but you know that the reality is they will probably give up when Valentines day comes around - in only a month! It just seems like it's the thing to do, when really there are people who have been trying to tackle their weight for longer, and better reasons.

Today I started to track my food and workouts again, even though for the past week Ive been doing well, with the exception of 2 days. I really would like to do weight watchers, but don't have to funds to right now so this will have to do. I need to start weighing myself, because I have stopped since the numbers have risen.

I have plenty of good things to eat while at work, so it will be the times when Im away from the office that I will need to be mindful of my eating. Especially with this cold weather spell, when I want to eat the stuffed shells and pot pie thats in the freezer instead of a veggie burger, I need to stay on track.

I have been trying to do extra things to bring calories, Im squeezing my leg muscles while at my desk, dancing in the car and attempting to becom a fidgety person! I am also thinking of restarting my 30 day shred video....hmmmm Jillian can kick me back into gear!!

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