Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only 9 days?!

I really am not sure at all where the time has gone. I leave for vacation to North Carolina in 9 days. NINE!!! I have not yet dropped enough weight to fit into those skinny jeans without having that dreaded muffin top, and it being like one of those muffins where you put way too much batter in the pan and it basically explodes out of the top. Usually Im pretty good about being strict a few weeks before I have something to do, but this time around I lost it. Now I am left scrambling to get some weight off in a very small amount of time. I contemplated doing the lemonade diet again, but with a potluck, wine tasting and graduation dinner in the next week, that would be impossible. So now Im just sparing as many calories as possible! Yesterday I ran to the gym and did the stairmaster and some weights, and my arms are SORE today! That feels great because I know I was working myself hard, but it feels bad in that a few months ago I would not be sore from what I did.

I know my plan is not the least bit healthy, but for the next week and change I will be unhealthily attempting to drop a few pounds...anything will help! I plan to load up on coffee and green tea, veggies and fruit. Cut out most carbs and meals where I can. I also plan to workout harder. We will see how it goes, all i want is to be able to wear my winter boots, plus we are going out while away with a group of Adam's brother's friends for a birthday. I have to look decent for people that I am just meeting.

On another note, I have become so accustom to Florida weather that I have NO clue what girls wear when they go out to the bars in the winter weather. Any help out there? Do you just wear a sweater? I am only used to sleeveless cute tops to go out. Where do you pick up a cute sweater? Please help me someone!

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