Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I think Im on track....but I shouldnt speak too soon!

I am on day 4 of eating right and working out, and this is in the middle of Christmas and New Years. Since Adam has been able to get to the gym with me, Ive felt a lot more motivated. It was harder when he would sit at home and I would go out and work my butt off alone, I started working out less and less and staying back on the couch more. Now we can both go together and really I dont want to stop short because I know he can see me if I do! It is great to push me and hold me accountable during my workout.

We have taken on the veggie burgers and that has been dinner for 2 nights so far, and Ill try some kind of chicken tonight to mix it up, but I have been trying to remind myself of Erins advice to have no carbs! Although the stocking candy is still getting to me, I am no longer snacking at work so it cant be that bad I dont think, and eventually it will go away.

I think I am getting back to a place where Ill be losing weight again, but I dont want to jinx myself like I have before. I must say that my cravings for a cheesesteak, wings, mexican, chinese and pizza have never been stronger so I am using everything in me to avoid them!

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