Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food Logging

I have used the Lose It app on my iPhone over the past year, but I slowly got out of the habit once I was happy with my weight. Figures that it all went downhill after that! Yesterday I began logging my food and workouts again. It is helpful to me because it's crazy how fast these calories can add up, even an apple and a grapefuit! It holds me accountable for what I am putting into my mouth and shows how much my workout will pay off also. Supposedly I should be at a max of 1200 calories/day, and sometimes I struggle with that even though Im eating healthy food. With logging and working out more frequently, I hope to shed a few pounds by Christmas. I hate when every January people just want to workout like crazy and not eat, I want to be able to just continue what Im doing and not have to stress so much about it for one month.

After all of the Thanksgiving food, and not working out for 4 days, I had a pretty bad run yesterday. 68 minutes to do 6 miles. I thought my stomach was in my throat and was struggling. I really dont like it when I do badly and especially when I have to hear from Erin that it was bad and I probably dont even want to know my time! I can discourage myself very easily from my goal and I need to learn not to do that. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to stay on track. And so I keep chugging along.....and think of spanx to get into my skinny jeans, Stephanie needs to give the the low down on those things!!

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