Monday, November 30, 2009

Breaking out a diet in the midst of Christmas

I did not let anything stop me from getting my fill of good foods this past holiday weekend. I had cheese, stuffing, egg nog, pie, you name it and I probably had it. I have really been slacking on my workouts lately. I have only been fitting in 3 a week, when really I need to be getting about 5 in. Yesterday I went to the food store and stocked up on all healthy food for the week. Egg whites for breakfast, apples, grapefruits, pitas with tuna, veggies, yogurt and carrots. I am determined to lose about 5 pounds by December 19th, which is when Adam and I head up to North Carolina for some holidays in the chilly weather with his family. I would love to wear my boots, but those require my skinny jeans, which require me to be....well, skinny! Needless to say Im not fitting into them how I should right now. I am working out every day this week, nothing is going ot take priority, I even have my alarm set for 5:30 tomorrow morning since I have plans after work. Same goes for Wednesday. I am feeling positive! I had my fill of the delicious foods and am trimming down to do it all again at the end of the month!

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