Friday, November 6, 2009

This cool weather is working for me

Yesterday was a cool, brisk day. When you took a breathe you werent overwhelmed with humidity, it was crisp and refreshing air. I set out on a run as the sun was setting (which is way too early now!) and couldn't believe how great I felt. I didnt start to sweat after 30 seconds and I could breathe easy. The coolness that surrounded my body felt soothing and kept me going. I went for a longer run and started to feel good about my workouts again! The only downside was the pesky swarms of tiny bugs that were out because it was dusk. I hope they have some pretein or something because I swallowed up a bunch of those bad boys!

Tomorrow I plan on running an even longer distance in the morning. I want to get my time up for the turkey trot so plan on working on that. I also hope to get a nike+ soon so that I can know all of my stats while I run, that should be a big motivator! Here's to cooler weather and better runs.

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  1. Exercise (and diet) is a positive feedback loop. You do it long enough, at some point, it becomes tougher to NOT do it than do it.