Wednesday, November 4, 2009

because you had a bad day, you're taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around.....

For whatever reason, yesterday I just did NOT feel like working out. I felt like being lazy and hanging out on the couch all evening, but I went right after work anyway. '30 minutes, just do 30 minutes and thats better than nothing. Youll feel good that you did it and wont feel bad about eating a piece of candy tonight. You can do it.' is what I was telling myself. I was trying to self motivate, I mean that really isn't a long time to do anything, but on the treadmill yesterday it felt like an eternity! To start off it wasn't as bad as somedays when I am hating it by 3 minutes. I had good breathing and speed going and at 10 minutes I was just thinking: 'Almost there! See? You can do it!' And thats when it took a turn for the worse. Out of nowhere my shins started really hurting. I think I probably could have toughed it out but that mixed with the fact that I already didn't want to be on that boring treadmill made it so bad in my head. I stopped at 15 and hit the door to GET OUT OF THERE!! Of course, I felt awful about it the moment I got into my car. I failed big time for the day.

I know that they say you'll have off days, but this was not just an off day, it was an awful day! I am so mad at myself for not sticking it out and going. Now tonight I definitely have to do a double workout just to make sure I am improving in some way, yesterday just made my today a whole lot tougher! I just need something to set off my motivation switch again, maybe I will go for a run outside tonight. I feel like Im getting overly bored inside now. Is it normal to be dreading workout out SO much all of the sudden? What has happened? I will not let it get the best of me!

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