Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I was a bit nervous to go for my run with Erin after Mondays disaster. I woke up this morning determined to stay hydrated and lug on down a flight of stairs and across the building to go to the bathroom as many times as necessary. I made sure that I had a good lunch and also a good snack around 3. I wanted to tackle the same route that got the best of me last time, so we went for the 4 miles again. At first my legs hurt a bit, but as we got going I was feeling pretty good! Im back in the game! I was really focusing on my breathing from the start, because Erin told me that I need to take longer breaths. It really helped. I counted to 4 in and out and listened to Erins stories. The only time I lost my pattern was when I started talking. I just cannot talk and run! I made it in my normal time and even waited longer to take walking breaks. I feel comfortable going to 5 miles next week and am back to thinking I can do this half marathon!!

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