Monday, November 2, 2009

The Holidays Are Coming, So Are The Pounds

It seems like every year the Holidays begin sooner than the one before. Its gotten to the point that Halloween marks the beginning of the season. Now, Im not complaining because I LOVE the holidays, but I am just not ready physically yet for this! It's inevitable that when I get into the spirit I want to eat a lot. There's all the seasonal Starbucks Lattes, Peppermint Chocolate cakes, warm carb-loaded foods, lots of candy and I could just go on and on. I would like to have been prepared and down a size or so already, which would make it ok to gain a few back. Unfortunately, that has not happened! And with Adam's birthday being a week long celebration right before Thanksgiving, I have a lot going against me. We will have a full night of eating out pretty much, so I have 11 days to try to sweat out and work off as much as me as I can.
It was just about a year ago that I was trying my hardest to fit into my skinny jeans for a NYC trip! I got into them, but could only really wear them since I had a coat and sweaters covering the little pooch that they created, or enhanced I guess. I want to fit into them no problem this year!

Since I missed out on the NYC trip, I need to get up to the cool weather sometime, so Adam and I are thinking of going to NC to visit his family right before Christmas. How fun, to be in nice winter weather right around the holiday. I better get bracking on this diet again and start resisting all of the unnecessary holiday foods that are about to be coming my way!

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