Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From the open road to the treadmill

I have really been trying hard to get outside to run. Last week was still insanely humid, but I made it out about 3 times. Then yesterday I went on the treadmill, and I had so much energy! An indoor run had never been so easy, I felt great! I can only think that it correlates to the outside running. Its so much harder to run outdoors than it is to run inside on an always equal incline, and always at the same pace. So I'm thinking also that I must be improving somewhat if there was that big of a differene from the last time I was on the 'mill. It had me really motivated to increase my speed and my endurance so that I am ready to run a half in February! Although without Erin there to run with me, I can only imagine that my time will suffer. I am already trying to compile a playlist of fast paced, motivating running songs to get me through it.

I also think Im going to get a nike+ sportband, so that I can track my workouts, calories, pace, miles and all. I think that will be just extra motivation during my runs to go further and push harder. We shall see, for now the weather is cooling off and I think training should get a lot easier! Plus I still need to just make sure I get a good time during the Turkey Trot, I dont want to fall behind on that one.

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