Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Speedwork and Weightloss

Yesterday was my first time running outside since the race and needless to say, it wasn't my best. If I want to do a half marathon I really need to get outside as many times a week as I can. The treadmill is just so much easier, I hold a great time and I can watch tv. I do enjoy running outside but I just prefer to have someone to go with. If I am going to do this I really need to dedicate myself, though. I will want to run a decent time and I dont think that 'just finishing it' will fulfill what I want. People say that all the time though, that they just want to finish or, hey at least you finished. I dont want to 'just' finish, I want to finish with a good time and feel like it was really worth it. So here I go, putting all of my effort into it! My goal will be to run outside 3 times a week, and I need to do some speedwork to get my times up. Since I have a 5K on turkey day, that will be a good gauge to see what I can accomplish speed-wise in a months worth of training. Maybe I need those cool looking barefoot running shoes.....hmmmm

I also wonder though how I can be doing all of this exercise, compared to doing none 13 months ago, and not be losing any more weight. What gives?? Im eating much better, Im more concious of it all and Im working out WAY more often than ever before! Instead of droppiong weight Im gaining leg muscle and not losing the fat. It's getting really annoying because I feel like I am working hard and not seeing results. Not that weightloss is my only goal here obviously, but it would be nice. I want to look like I do something and I am not seeing that. How depressing! Hopefully now that Im going to run longer miles I will see something good changing.

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