Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nightime Running

Since I didn't have a very good running time on Monday, Erin suggested that I really need to run outside more often. I can go real fast on a treadmill, but it's a different story when we get out there in a different environment. I actually am having a pretty busy week as far as after work things because I'm trying to do a lot of school work that is time consuming. Im telling you, watch an hour video, write about it, go through your book and write about it again is a bit ridiculous at times! I am lucky that I can go at my own pace, but Im trying to get caught up on it this week. And it's getting dark so early now, 7pm and the sun was setting!

Anyway, yesterday Kelly had Meaghy and Hollie over to carve pumpkins and eat, so I was there to say hi and hangout for a little and then I headed back over to the gym. It was getting dark and the gym was closing in an hour so I figured what the hell, Ill run outside! I wasn't really prepared for how scary it is! Everytime I passed someone on the sidewalk I would look back over my shoulder to make sure they weren't coming back for me, I ran like lightening through the spots without street lights and past the woods! I even extended the run that I usually do around that area. I did feel like I had a good run, but man was that scary! I don't think I will do it again alone. I will just have to be rearranging my schedule on busy nights to fit running in before it gets too dark or late out. Although maybe it will help me up my speed, trying to get away from all of the potential crazies!!!

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