Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Running outside in September is not easy

Yesterday was hot. Really hot. And sticky. Its the end of September and it feels like July outside! It discouraged me a little about 3 minutes into my run with Erin. How was I possibly going to run 3 miles at a decent pace and not fall over? It was definitely more of a challenge then I thought, I had times where I felt like the sounds of me breathing could be heard by everyone in a mile radius. But, I finished and I finished with a better time then the 5K, so progress has been made! I was able to keep a 10mile/minute pace and went a little over 3 miles. Now, how I am going to move up to 4 miles next week.....? That seems like a hard challenge that I'm taking on. I don't think I will be nearly as confident in 6 days.

Erin ran 20 miles on saturday and I can barely run over 3.....I would definitely DIE if I had to run that far. So crazy!

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