Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Officially Fall

Yesterday was the first day of fall! I think that the temperature fell all of one degree, but I can't really complain because it didnt rise. I made tuna casserole for dinner and it was the perfect warm dish for the day, it very much reminded me of all the times my mom made it. Now that the season has really changed, I am able to try out this high protein/high fiber pumpkin pancakes recipe from Cara's Cravings, a blog that I follow. It will be my first pumpkin food of the season, so I cannot wait to indulge in a healthy option.

Fall also means that flu season is upon us. With the whole H1N1 scare that everyone is buying into, I figured I would get that shot as well....even though you need to also have the regular flu shot in order to get that one. Then I find out that now the new thing is getting the vaccine through your nose?! Its a nasal spray! I have not even been able to get myself to take regular nasal spray, so Im afraid if they don't offer actual shots I will be prone to the flu's this year. I mean really, after this many years youre going to go and change the way you give vaccines? I'm not a fan.

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