Friday, September 25, 2009

It's my favorite day of the week!

Another Friday is here!! Plus, its the last weekend of September so Halloween is literally right around the corner. How Exciting! I bought some gourds and Halloween coasters that I can finally break out. And I hope that it will start to get cooler.

This morning I went to get breakfast from the place in our building and to my surprise a nice guy was there that I think would be really perfect for Erin so I have a matchmaking task on my to-do list!

I'm also thankful its Friday because that is my one rest day, and my body is wanting it badly. I've been doing really well at the gym, going everyday, but sometimes you just need a break. My legs are exhausted, so I will be back at it tomorrow. Even though they will get some work done tonight at HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS!! Yay, it's my first time going and I cannot wait!

Last night I attempted a garlic glaze for chicken and it was pretty much a bust. It was supposed to reduce into a syrup but instead the rice wine vinegar was just evaporating away and I was left with a small amount of liquid and lots of red pepper flakes and minced garlic. Not what I had been expecting, although it still had a decent and very spicy flavor. Next week I think that I have a pretty good menu planned out, and since Adam is gone tuesday night for his fancy new meeting with his new boss I will be turning his kitchen into a candy shop and making lots of pumpkin truffles.

Sunday is football day so I will make Pumpkin Pankcakes with Egg whites and Turkey Sausage, then we are going out to watch the games so Im sure we will snack and have a beer.
Monday: Turkey Burger stuffed with red fat mozzerella and spinach, served with a red fat mayo-basil spread and baked sweet potato fries
Tuesday: Mexcian Chicken while I slave away with the truffles. Baked chicken breast with salsa and fat free cheddar on top
Wednesday: Pan seared garlic shrimp, asparagus, tomato Pasta
Thursday: Chicken marinated in herbs and stuffed with laughing cow light cheese wedge, served with steamed broccoli

The following week I plan on attempting my first chicken crockpot dinner. It just sounds so easy that I need to give it a whirl! And I need to have some stuffed shells soon......because they are by far the best cool weather food dish out there.

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