Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Holidays are coming!

Even though its still averaging 88 degrees during the days down here, I can feel fall and the holidays creeping up. I envision leaves swirling up into a funnel shape and kids stuffing them into those orange pumpkin face bags. The breeze blowing my hair off my face and tangling it all up. It's time for pumpkins, soup, family, music at the malls, snuggling on the couch, constant christmas movies that bring to mind old memories and lots of cheer. I guess I still have a couple months until I can feel that cold air and put on my comfy fall wardrobe, but it's nice to imagine it for now. It's amazing how fast time flies, because I know that December 26 will be here quicker than I could imagine and I will be disappointed, waiting on this time next year to roll around again.

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