Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cue The Apprentice theme song

Today I made my first trip to the mall in a long time. Since I've been on a budget paying off all of my credit cards (one down!), I have made a point to not go near the mall or anyplace that I may get the inclination to spend money. Adam has a big birthday coming up in November so I have been saving up and budgeting for that as well. It's his 30th so it is my responsibility to make it the best ever! I have it all planned out, but for some reason I keep coming up with birthday gift ideas for him. Usually I am totally clueless on what to get someone, but ideas are pouring in left and right and my gift filter is nonexistent. I added another item to the gift pile today. This has got to be the last one because christmas will follow shortly after and its not all about presents, it's just that I have found all of these great things.

Kelly also has her 30th in October and I am really clueless on that one. But I think I'll manage to pull it together in the next couple of weeks!

I also stopped by 3 different Halloween stores today. The 'scare factor' of this years decorations seems to be zombie babies. Seriously, there is a baby sitting down gnawing on a human hand. Then theres a little girl sitting with a blak wig and red eyes! CREEPY! But it got me very excited for the upcoming holiday, there are a lot of great costumes and it's just such a fun time of the year.

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