Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello. Is Anybody There??

My dear friends and readers, I have to say that even though I am working from home (for only 1 more week! booo), it can often be hard to find time to blog. I had a backlog of photos and have set up starters for all of my posts, though. So, will be much more frequent recipes showing up here!

First I should say that I am loving cloth diapering. I know that a lot of people had emailed me wanting an update on how I liked it. I do laundry about every other day, but the hardest part about it is restuffing the inserts once they are dry. I definitely have zero regrets chosing this road and won't be giving it up like a lot of people tend to do. I mean, when I imagine sitting all day in a diaper I would want the soft, cozy fabric compared to a paper diaper - so that is what I think Remy deserves!

Remy starts daycare on the 27th....I have cried about twice a day everyday just htinking about it. We went to meet her 'teachers' and I couldnt stand watching them hold her and seeing the other germy babes all around her. But, it is what it is and she needs to go, at theast for a few months. I am hoping that she will be out by the spring time and home with her mommy! She is figuring out her little hands and talking up a storm these days. Since it's getting into the 80s here recently she is also getting to go on more walks which she enjoys. She loves the breeze blowing through her baby locks! Anyway.....

Here's what I've been up to:

Baking & Cooking daily again! It feels good and I am back to budgeting us out for groceries and making healthy(ish) meals. I am still working out, too. Im only running about 2 miles but have incorporated 2 days of weights as well.

I am still dieting, but lets be real I also eat ice cream with pb and candy!

Hanging out with the Rem Rem! I just can't get enough!

I also made some mock up baby braceletes. See how much Rem loves hers?! I am thinking of opening an Etsy store to sell them and get some extra income. Or at least see if it would go anywhere. Maybe then I could get Rem out of daycare faster. Even if it's a big dud, I've got to try!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the last summer month! Can't believe labor day is almost here...time is flying and the holidays will quickly be upon us!

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