Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, Monday came again. Booo! I did have a great weekend though - I turned 28 and my Rem Rem turned 3 months old!

Adam and I attended a baptism class last night where there was a 1 month baby girl with a full head of hair like our Rem. I could not believe that she used to be so tiny and sleepy! It is true that time just blazes by and you don't even realize what has happened. Remy is now quite chatty, loves toys and is starting to laugh. Her smile seriously lights up my life and I can't get enough.

This weekend we took Rem to the pool and she finally got in - and look at that smile! She was loving it and is just a little pool baby. Cant wait to take her in again this coming weekend in Florida.

She also loves her baby dolls, which makes mommy happy :) She does love to eat them the best, but it's so cute to see her smile and talk to them.

One of the best things about Nashville is the BBQ. We have officially lived here a year, so this was our second trip to the BBQ Championship & Festival. We went with the idea of eating at various winning booths, but of course overloaded on our first meal and couldn't fit anything else into our bellies! It was a warm 90 degrees so Remy enjoyed cooling off by the fans.

And I celebrated my birthday with a hair chop off! I thought that ponying my long locks would be great with a baby, but I was so so wrong! Never having an hour to dry my hair meant a messy do all of the time. I never felt put together and it was starting to weigh on me, so I went in for a nice cut. Now I have time to actually blow dry it out each day and don't have spit up in it constantly. Win! :)

And today is quite a sad day. After a great weekend, Remy has hit the daycare scene as of 7:15am. I am going to visit her twice today and cant stop thinking about that beautiful girl. I miss her so much and am just so sad that she has other people watching her, she needs her mom!

We are off to Florida on Thursday morning, so I just need to make it through these few days and hold it together. Im dreaming of 4:30 when I can pick her up and love on her all night! Hope that you are all having a better monday than I!

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