Wednesday, May 9, 2012

37 Weeks

I decided to do a weekly post from here on out

Progress: At my 36 and 37 week appointments I was 1cm dilated. My doctor was pretty concerned yesterday about babies heart rate, so she hooked me up to a monitor for about 40 minutes to check on things. When i lie on my back the beat is low, and even though it was better on my side, she was still worried. After she saw the monitor results she was happy and not so concerned, but scheduled me for a Biophysical Profile Test next week which basically rates your baby in different categories through an ultrasound. It's made me pretty nervous, in addition to the fact that I started having irregular contractions at the appointment. They are not painful but I can definitely feel the tightening, which is fairly uncomfortable.
Weight Gain: I gained 3 lbs this past week for a total of 21lbs! Although with all of the sodium I ate, how could I not?

Excercise: Continuing on with elliptical, walking, squats and some arm weights. I will definitely listen to any signals to stop from my body though.
Food: I am having crazy cravings for ice cream, donuts, chocolate cake, milkshakes and frappucinos. I am kind of giving up nightly desserts for now since that 3lbs really threw me for a loop.

I really am just ready to have a baby and no longer be pregnant, especially days that I am in the office. It is just all sorts of uncomfortable now, in addition to worrying if she is doing ok. Come out Remy, you will be safe here!

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