Monday, April 30, 2012

36 Weeks

With only 28 days to go, I am so so ready to meet this sweet little baby that plays around in my tummy like she's on a jungle gym. I'm already playing games with her, too - her feet are located directly on my right side, so when she kicks I try to grab at them and tell her I got her feet. I constantly wonder what she looks like and how her little personality will be. It is so unreal to me that she is an actual baby in there!! I cannot wait to see her and call her mine! I am also more curious about my post partum body and the time it will take to get back to normal - I love feeling this girl move around but kind of miss having my body to myself. I am at the doctors each week now with weekly internals to see any progress, too.

The back pain that I feel has gotten really bad at times (luckily it's not everyday). Im talking want-to-cry because it's so bad. I can sit, stand, lie down and nothing helps. It makes sleeping impossible. The other night it was followed by aches in my butt that kept me up also. I felt ok when I draped myself over my yoga ball and rocked a bit but that was it......I pray that it does not get worse, I can't imagine that is possible until I go into labor!
Dead right leg - most times when I stand up I have a numb/dead right leg
Heartburn has been getting worse for me at night, too. I didnt have it before but now when I lie down it's always there.
Scatterbrain. It is hard for me to remember much of anything these days which really makes work difficult at times.
Baby in my ribs - I wish she would get outta there!!

Weight Gain: 18/19 pounds. Everyone keeps telling me that I look small and not at all like I am about to deliver this baby. Its a good thing that I haven't been a victim of pregnancy obesity but I feel like Im not pregnant enough for peoples liking. I think this is the one time in my life I weigh less than J Simps, so Ill soak that up!

Exercise: I am still doing my elliptical/walking/weights routine and actually hope that I can keep it up until the end! Well, at least until May 24th which is my last day at the office/gym. I am at least still keeping it up now. Even though Im tired at the end of the day, it really makes me feel good and if I didnt spend time at the gym I would feel like a lazy blob!

Food: It was so nice to have my mom here for a week - she cooked us dinner and I had it pretty easy! I actually felt bad because she was the one visiting and still doing all of this work (she was also kind enough to share a dozen krispy kremes with me. it was our one food splurge.). Nothing has changed here - I am still lazy with food. At least I stocked our freezer with grillable meats for after baby is here. I do tend to get full pretty quickly now and eat in smaller increments, but much more frequently. In the last few days my cravings have been totally out of control and strong, nothing like I've experienced so far in my pregnancy. I really hope that this goes away!

Prepping For Baby:

I finally finished knitting Remy's blanket and we mounted the video monitor, brought the pack n play downstairs and packed the hospital bag. 

So, here's a list of what is left to do:

Put Car Seat Bases in the cars
Buy a baby safe ink pad for some at home foot/handprint projects
Order swimsuits for me (Im ordering a bunch of 1 pieces at the very end of May so that I can see what works when we make a trip to the pool, after Ive deflated a bit)

You can see that we are pretty much set! :) I plan to get my brows waxed once more and a mani/pedi before d-day, too. I also need to prep for our Anniversary and Fathers Day before baby comes, since those first weeks won't allow me much time for that stuff. Things are gradually getting more real and I am getting more excited!

Happy Monday :)

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