Monday, March 19, 2012

Sad to See the Weekend Go

Hello, Springtime!! We have officially settled at temps in the mid 70s here - and even the low 80s some days! Yesterday was full of sunshine and warm weather with a perfect breeze, and as I look outside of the window it seems to be the same story for today - only I am stuck at work. Such is life - I wil lcatch up with the lovely weather tomorrow.

Adams mom was in town this weekend and while it did rain a bit, we still managed to squeeze in some fun.

It was St Patricks Day! I scrapped plans for a full that corned beef dinner and decided that Boars Head Corned Beef, Swiss and Rye Bread was a perfectly fine substitution (which required much less work on my part and was equally as delish).
 We got out to do a little celebrating - love how they covered the people on this statue with kilts and dresses
I stuck to water but admired all of the beer drinkers. I am ready for a tall, cold beer (or really a nice strawberry mojito) in the sun.
Everything is in bloom! Check out our tree and freshly cut grass. We got to Nashville so late in the summer last year that we only ever saw the grass brown and I don't remember the tree being purple, either! So pretty now though, lots of green and colorful trees all around.
Adam and his mom planted us onions, tomatos, cilantro and mint (for said mojito).

I am happy to be back to my normal schedule this week, after some craziness last week due to flying back home from Orlando mid way through a monday. Enjoy the start of your week!

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