Tuesday, March 20, 2012

30 Weeks

Typing out '30' is crazy, especially because I vividly recall just finding out I was pregnant and looking at the '4 weeks pregnant' section in a book and online. How things have changed and evolved!

This little girl is growing by the day, and I can definitely tell! I feel kicks 80% of the day and before bed. She is my little roly poly and I love it :) I am at the point where I can feel her roll over my bladder, which is strange/neat/bad all at the same time. She is also facing down as of 28 weeks and by feel of it I'd say she is staying that way which makes her momma very happy!

'Symptoms': Budging veins! In my hands, arms, stomach and everywhere else I look like I have man veins.
Lower back aches persist - I have no clue how I will make it 10 more weeks, especially when at work sitting at my desk or walking the stairs at home
Is cellulite a result of pregnancy?! I work out my legs and it still feels like a block of swiss cheese when I'm sitting down!
Also, my circulation is REALLY bad right now. If I sleep on my side, the arm under me is asleep; if I cross my legs, my calf and foot fall asleep. I am having that tingly feeling way more than i would like.
Fatigue. It's definitely coming back!
The feeling that there is no room in my belly for this little girl - she is so big now!
Bad Cramping in the evenings - when I sit on the couch and after Ive eaten. This has happened 2 nights in a row and I pray that it is not a new nightly occurrence because it is painful!
I am basically just starting to feel uncomfortable at this point, not good with 10 whole weeks left.

Weight Gain: 18-19 pounds. It fluctuates daily.

Exercise: Still keeping up with the elliptical, walking and weights. I will admit that I get exhausted within 10 minutes, but I keep it up. I really hope to maintain this until the end, but realize I will gradually slow down a bit on the machines. As long as I can keep going to some degree, I'll feel ok about it.

Cravings: Sweets still. Lord, help me (and my teeth)

Aversions: None really!

Prepping for Baby:

Room is painted and crib is all ready to go. I absolutely love it - the grey is perfect and it is already a much calmer space than before with the bright blue. The night that we got it done and these few items in the room, I sat and rocked for a while to take it all in and was seriously overwhelmed with happiness - I just cannot wait to meet this little girl!

I have washed all of the blankets, burp cloths, diapers (5 times), sheets and her coming home outfit choices. I also have detailed lists of what I need to keep on the changing table, by the rocker, downstairs, in the diaper bag and in the car. So once I get the baskets up here from my mom I can sort all of that out and be prepped for each room.

I have sterilized all of the bottles/pacifiers/teethers and made room for them in our smaller pantry. I did manage to burn my hand with boiling water, leaving nice red/bubbly skin, but at least it's done.

I started the 'before' section of the baby book.

In about 3 or 4 weeks the nursery will be complete (dressers, wall prints, etc moved in) and I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, as well as anxiously await the arrival of our bundle, which will inevitably feel like forever and a day. Baby, we are ready!!


  1. Yay for 30 weeks! I'm right behind you at 23. I have that same baby book! I love the colors of your nursery, so calming and soothing. So excited for you!

  2. Its crazy how fast time is flying! Hope youve been feeling well!