Thursday, February 2, 2012

February. Really?!

I honestly cannot believe it is February already. I know that I keep saying how time seems to fly, but it is just crazy! I feel like we are pretty busy the next couple of months. Adam is traveling for the next two weeks, theres superbowl  and Valentines day, my sister's visiting us and then prepping for my Orlando trip.

Also, One year ago Saturday was when we got engaged! It seems like longer than a year and so many amazing memories pop into my head when I think about the past 12 months. So much excitement and happiness! So here is me one year ago:
Ah, a drink in hand and a tan on my skin.

and now - no tan or alcohol!

The joys of life! I feel so lucky to live the life that I do - it really makes me teary eyed to think about. I plan to make the same dinner that Adam made me the night he proposed (chicken stuffed peppers, at my request, which now have a special meaning to me) and enjoy the weekend.

Ill be back tomorrow with a valentine's recipe, it's just about friday! 

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