Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Easy Chicken Dinner

I'm not sure that this is even worthy of a post, but it was a good meal that I was able to throw together with things from the fridge/pantry so I am adding it here in case I run across that problem again. Which I always do! This pregnancy brain has made me almost completely dumb and to the point where the simplest things to think of are difficult for me - so bear with me :)

I'm trying to eat healthy dinners, at least on weeknights, so I've been trying to defrost chicken a lot and be forced to use it. This only took me 15 minutes to cook, which is right up my alley these days!

I just sprinkled garlic salt on both sides of the chicken, made fork holes on both sides and rubbed about 1 tbsp of BBQ sauce on each side. I cooked for about 7 minutes on each side, using a grill pan. Add extra sauce once done cooking.

I LOVE roasted carrots - tossed with evoo, kosher salt, pepper and oregano and baked at 415 degrees for 8 minutes, then up to 450 for the remaining 7 minutes.

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