Monday, February 20, 2012

26 Weeks

I am almost to the third trimester!! Worries of stretchmarks and cellulite have been taking over my mind, but the constant hunger seems to always win when picking between skipping a snack for my vanity and indulging. I am seriously excited to meet this little baby - 3 months seems so far away right now!!
Symptoms: Constant hunger. Seriously, all the time. It is all that I think about! Still have that hairy belly and am just waiting for marks to appear on my stomach. Im getting bulgier veins, too. Bowel movements....or lack thereof. (I know it's tmi, but seriously it is awful.) I also experience a lot more back aches, especailly after standing for a while or working out. Positive: my energy is up and I am enjoying feeling good!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds as of this morning....although I did just eat out for about 3 days straight! Last time I checked in, I was up 15 but by a week later I was down 3 pounds. It is hard to tell what is really accurate now a days, especially with the above mentioned bowel movement problem. I did try on my old skinny jeans to make sure I can still pop those suckers on, and I could even button them way bellow my belly so I take that as a sign that all is well.

Exercise: My new routine goes something like this;
Mon/Wed -25 minutes on the elliptical, at 3 different inclines and 11 resistance, followed by 15 minutes on the treadmill at 1.5 incline going 4.3 mph for 10 minutes and 4 mph for 5 minutes and then arm weights and LOTS of squats, ending with many leg lifts.
Tues/Thurs - 2.3 mile apeed walk outside followed by bosu ball squats, arm weights and leg lifts.
Friday - 2.3 or 3 mile walk. Yoga, if I'm in the mood!

Cravings: I am at a point where I crave what I see at the moment. Hot dogs and pancakes when I watched an episode of  'What Would You Do?'; anything that I see on a commercial. McDonalds apple pie was a weird one that I had as I laid in bed one evening. Also - Girl Scout Cookies! I have still not been able to find any around me, luckily my sister brought me up a box of thin mints from Orlando. Donuts are something I could eat everyday, too. I definitely get a sweet tooth every night and tea/coffee will never satisfy it, so my sugar intake has got to be high which I know is not good.
Aversions: I'm not sure that I really have any. I still dont want authentic mexican food or delivery style pizza, but I ate a burger for the first time this pregnancy and it tasted delicious - so Im making strides!

Prepping for Baby: I have really been worried about how much baby stuff we need. We are making progress, though as I got these items:

Mattress and mattress pads - the baby doesn't have to sleep on the metal crib base :)
Changing pad and disposable covers - now we need a dresser for it to go on, and my mom has sewn me the pretty covers
Diapers - I registered for a bunch and wanted to make sure I liked them before anyone bought them, so I purchased a couple of each kind I thoguht I wanted to try and I really do love them, plus it's nice to have a tiny dent made in that very necessary area
Video Monitor - $50 at Marshalls
Mirror for room - My mom found one from Bombay at a yard sale and we just need to paint the trim white.
My mom has been great enough to find us so many things, like a high chair, toys, diaper pail, tub, mirror for the room, etc. for cheap. Plus she has sewn so many things for the room and for baby/me! Everything should be up here by mid-April when she comes to visit. I am so ready to have the room in order - it kills me when I go in and stuff is all over the place, I need to start putting things away in drawers!

We also are signed up for birthing classes at our hospital. We are going for 5 hours, 2 saturdays in a row in April. Hopefully we get something out of it or meet some friends. I went ahead and registered us at a church here so that we can have the Baptism, and I plan to go Palm Sunday and also Easter. I really want to go more with the baby and as she grows up.

Speaking of Easter, I cant believe that Ash Wednesday is in 2 days! I am  going to give up Target for lent this year. Obviously if something we need is on sale I will go, but no more day trips for me to 'browse' which always means me spending too much money there. Plus I wont spend as much on starbucks coffee, which I also always get when I go by.

Happy Monday and Presidents Day! :)

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