Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Weekend

Since I always have off of work on Fridays, and Monday is a Holiday, this 4 day weekend felt like a whole other vacation! It was time to turn a new leaf -out with the old (including Christmas decorations which are just not as fun to put away as they are to put up) and in with the new. Usually it's this time of year where I get in a rut - it's still cool out and theres nothing to really look forward to. This year is completely different!

Number 1 of course is the baby excitement - everyday I get more anxious to meet him/her and I'm not even half way yet. I have had ups and downs but am finally not questioning anything anymore and am just full of happiness and confidence over this mom thing. To add to that, I get to see my family again in a week and a half for a friends wedding and Erin's birthday, and we are planning a babymoon for March. I am longing for the beach, bikinis and warm weather. I hope our baby is ready for the sun when she/he comes out because it's prime summer time!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend and had fun with friends or family. Here's a recap of our low key weekend:

 Thursday night we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Magic vs.  Nets game. I always love going out to snack and hang out because theres a different dynamic from sitting at home in front of the tv. I had a lot of fun! Plus, my bump is looking less like fat in regular clothes, which is super exciting!

I'm not sure when Old Navy got so many cute clothes, but they had 75% off so when I stopped by Friday I got a bunch of stuff for $40.
Love this ruffle dress - regularly $45 on sale for $11. I just dont get the ON sizing - I am a small in this dress somehow. It will be great for post partum this summer and for summers to come
I got this in white/lime back in November, so when I saw it marked down to $7.50 I needed this other color. I am in love with the Chevron print and can wear this for a couple more months, since it's non maternity but stretchy. What I love is how it is fitted in the stomach so it's not so flowy that you get lost in it
I have eyed this for a few weeks but didn't want to spend $20 on it, so $4.97 was a much better deal!
My Bella Band is about to have to be retired, so I really needed new pants. I have realized that I really like the full panel pant, as opposed to the demi panel which just kind of cut me off and restrict my stomach. These skinnies were $14, marked down from $35

We had a NYE party and I even got the baby a hat :) This is one spoiled kid already! We had filet, lobster, salad and cake and I rung in the New Year on Eastern Time, before napping for an hour until 12am hit here.

The decorations came down first thing on New Years Day. The house looks so bare, but I was happy to get it all taken care of now. So long for now, ornaments, santas and sparkly things. Adam and I have a joint 'resolution' to eat a little better. I am noticing some baby induced cellulite on my legs so I just want to eat more fruit and veggies - nothing drastic but just simple changes.

I really felt like it was a new beginning this New Years. Usually it's a continuation, but I felt a disconnect from previous months and a fresh start, so I decided to hang up all of the babies clothes, thus far, and organize the books. I die at the newborn sized clothing that barely fits on a baby hanger!! So excited for this baby to be here with us!

Hoping everyone had a great New Years and is already tackling much in 2012. If you have off like me, enjoy your last holiday vacation day :)

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