Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap- Adams Birthday & tis the season!

I was sick this whole week so on Adam's birthday friday I was hoping to feel better. I did a bit and I made sure to neti and take some cold medicine, but there was no rest as I had a crazy busy day. I hit up target, old navy (where I scored some cute maternity capris, a t and long sleeve top for $11), michaels, walgreens and publix.

Plus I hung our garland!

I also took a pinterest idea of snowflakes on the staircase garland, so I cut out some flakes and spray painted them with gold glitter pain. Then I hung then with ornament hooks. I like how they turned out and would love to do a curtain of them!

I also took advantage of our birthday date night at the Melting Pot and got a little fancy, which was nice after living in PJs all week. I went for a bright red lip and neutral eyes. Love this rouched dress from express, too - should have taken a whole body shot.

I got Adam a flip for his birthday (perfect to tape the holidays and our expanding family) and he was just special enough to get two cakes: ice cream and cookie. They were good but a bit too much chocolate for me all at once! (never thought I would say that a couple weeks back!)

Did everyone else have a nice weekend? We are all stocked on our Turkey Day groceries, I did not want to deal with lines and out of stock items! Ill pick up our last minute fresh veggies and bread on wednesday. It's been raining nonstop here too, I think we had a day or two of a break but it returned. I am about to go into a depression and need some sunshine!!

Have you had a chance to peek at any of the black friday ads? Im going to go by Target and Old Navy at midnight but that will be the extent of it for me. My nausea is still here and I am hardly able to stand thinking about all of the food that needs to be prepped and cooked this week, although I am thankful for a super short work week! I think I can make it 1.5 days.....

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