Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, I have been gone for a while, but now I am back! My little sister and mom came into town for a week and we had a lot of fun (and food).

We explored downtown - went to dinner at the Brewhouse downtown and then went to Legends Corner for some live music and a drink.

On Sunday we ate at the Loveless Cafe (very good and the shop is fun!) and went to the state fair. I dont know about you, but in my family a trip to the fair never meant rides, it meant looking at the livestock and collecting pamphlets from the booths of farmers/crafters. Well, that's just what we did this time around also - but I got some fried oreos which I have never had before and really loved.

Monday night we went on the Nashville Haunted Tavern Tour. We went to 3 different 'taverns' and heard stories of ghosts in the buildings. We caught some good orb photos too, and hopefully Meaghy is a little less skeptical now! We also had dinner at Sams Sushi beforehand. It is the smallest place youve ever walked into and Adam found out about it online. Sam runs the whole show and is supposed to be sort of like the soup nazi - he will throw you out! The rolls were all $3 a piece and Adam and I will definitely go back - I recommend you stop by if youre in downtown Nashville.

Tuesday we did shopping and picked up donuts from the Donut Den (pretty good!) and Adams picked us up dinner from Jim N Nicks BBQ. We really enjoyed it (the smoke flavor really sticks to the meat) and would get it again. Speaking of Tuesday shopping - we went by target around 10am and I had totally forgotten that Missoni for Target was debuting that day. I didn't see any clothing items in the store, but they were probably scooped up for ebaying at the opening of the day. Did you score any Missoni items? I don't really get the hype, but I want in! Maybe they will restock soon.

Wednesday night we tried a Nashville specialty: Hot Chicken. there are a few places but the most convenient seemed to be 400 Degrees. They serve your chicken on wonder bread with sliced pickles. My mom got the 100 degree chicken while the rest of us had 200 degree. It was spicy and definitely the first time I didn't devour all of the skin (yum, the best part!). We also tried the 400 degree - I only tasted it on a pickle slice and that was enough for me. Adam was the trooper who ate a leg and was definitely feeling it the next day!

Thursday we had lunch at the Noshville NY style Deli. We got sandwiches which were all good - and I love how they have pickles set up on each table all the time! They tasted homemade, not really salty enough for me, but stil lgood. They also have the best chocolate cake that I have ever tasted. I dont know what they do to it, but it tasted like cake/pudding/mousse/brownie/fudgey icing all in one. Heaven. I will be back for more!

Friday we headed to the Smokey Mountains! Im not much of an outdoorsy person, but I can handle 1 full day of it. We hiked a few trails on Saturday and Sunday morning said goodbye to my family. We headed home to relax and watch some football. It was great having visitors and im excited to go home in October!

I actually go to Orlando and then straight to Connecticut, and then 2 weeks later Adams friend and girlfriend visit us, followed by a visit from my oldest sister and then Adams family for Thanksgiving. Its going ot be a crazy few months but I am looking forward to it. This week I hope to get to target to check out the Halloween Section (love it!) and I want to bake some blueberry muffins since I just found out Adam will eat them! - he rarely eats any baked goods except for cookies or donuts from michigan- and Next week is the Hanson concert :) I cant wait and am having that be the next time that I eat out - to drop the few pounds I know I put on last week!

Have a happy start to your week - Ill be posting a new recipe tomorrow :)

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