Thursday, July 21, 2011

Newlywed Adventures: Food, fun and runs

Ever since I got to Gainesville I have been without a gym membership. We are trying to cut costs and I went out and got all of the weight equipment that I would need to do strength training at home. With the sweltering heat, humidity and hills that I am not accustom to, I have definitely dropped off on the amount of cardio I am doing. It is a complete 180 from the 1% incline treadmill runs in the a/c! I have still maintained 3 day a week runs, though. I only go for about 3 miles but have seen my speed improve a lot and the hills are great for my legs! I think that I will start adding on either an incline walk or extra few minutes of running at a time.

I have to say that it is not the easiest thing to stay motivated while being at home with my new husband though. How do you get through the days where after work you just want to cook, eat and relax?! It is so fun to be able to just hang out all night with your buddy and forget the pavement and squats. I am also loving cooking up dinners and its a drastic change from what I would eat by myself. Lean Cuisines, baked chicken and a few veggies, cereal, jar of pickles. You know, the quick and easy things that you can eat everyday but don't want to force others to endure? Well, I am on my way to finding a happy medium and am confident that at some point I will conquer it. For now I will enjoy without overindulging.

On tap for this weekend: Orlando! I am headed there today after work (and bringing a nice steamed bushel of crabs with me!) and Adam will follow tomorrow. I miss my family and am excited to visit! We will be there for the entire weekend and have a lot of things planned, including the planning of our At Home Reception. We need to figure out food, drinks, decor and everything else. There are about 60 people coming and we are so excited that they can all make it to help us celebrate our marriage!

I hope you enjoy our weekend! Do you get stuck in a health/exercise rut in the summer? Its full of fun and you have to carve out time to be good and stay on track - I hate it!

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