Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict: What Happened?

I spent most of yesterday asking myself the question of 'What??' When the verdict was read I was glued to the tv and never ever imagined anything less than manslaughter would be read. When she was found not guilty on all major counts my heart dropped. I have invested 3 whole years of my life into intensely following this case and I feel completely jipped.

I know that the jurors see only a portion of what the rest of us see, but I just cannot imagine what made them think that it was an accident that a whole family tried to cover up (per an alternate juror anyway). Why would Casey party for 31 days after? Even the day it happened she was out with her boyfriend watching murder movies and rolling in the hay!

The circumstantial evidence seems so great to me - chloroform searches on the computer, chloroform in the car and found at the scene with a syringe. The lies to police and everyone else in her life - even when the gig was up and they wanted to all help her. I do not understand and honestly never will. She will walk free either tomorrow or by Christmas time, and I certainly hope her defense team plans to send her to a different state or country to 'rebuild' her life.

I imagine that she is ecstatic that she has deceived people in order to get out of this, just as she always has, and expects to go to a life of pure bliss. She will come to the realization that many people do not believe she is innocent, that she can no longer lie to everyone, that no one believes her when she speaks, that no one will hire her (even though I'm sure book and movies will provide her with wealth) and that she has completely lost her family through her accusations and behaviour in this case. I wonder if reality will be unkind to her, as I imagine it will and should be. How will she react and where will she be in 5 or 10 years? She is not walking out of the courthouse to a welcome home party, she is walking into a hell of thousands of people that believe she got off with murder.

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