Friday, May 6, 2011

Time to Party!

I hope your week was nothing like mine, as it seemed to take an eternity to come to an end. The other morning I had forgotten that I set my alarm early to workout and so when it went off I got ready for work only to realize before i walked out the door that I was an hour early. Then I had no time to workout and couldnt possibly fathom leaving for the office so I slipped back into bed and waited it out. I have been doing some crafty things at night - and it was cinco de mayo!!- so I've been up a little later and this morning I am completely dragging!!

On a brighter note, today is pay day for me and I am proud to say that I made my final payment on my card. I am happy to be going into my marriage with only car insurance and my cell phone bill. I have come a long way and have really learned a lot about money and how much I would prefer to save it than spend.

Adam comes up tonight and I will be baking because tomorrow is the Bridesmaid's Breakfast that i am throwing. My mom is attending and also Annie, our dog, will be there. I got some games together, prizes and have my menu ready to be executed. Throw in some alcoholic beverages and i think it will be a fun time! I also made some tissue paper pom poms. My first one looked a little wonk but then they turned out perfectly. Ill post pictures on Monday.

We also have 2 other parties to attend tomorrow, so we will be super busy and ready to relax on Mothers Day. What are you doing for your mom, or what are your husband/kids doing for you?! I hope you enjoy, whatever your plans are, and I will have lots of photos and a few recipes to post next week. Be Safe!

ps- I just had to post this necklace that my sister got for me. It's Kate Spade and perfect for my engagement/wedding time! It says 'I Do' although my mom thinks I could also pass it off for 'VooDoo.' What do you think? :)

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