Wednesday, May 25, 2011

19 Days To Go!

With only 19 more pre-wedding, engaged, single days to go until the wedding I am just getting more excited! The week started off with the opening statements of the Casey Anthony trial yesterday, which I was more than glued to and can't believe that the defense has gone to such an extreme to place blame on everyone except Casey. Ok, maybe it was an accident but leave it at that, don't throw the grandparents, the meter reader and anyone else you can find under the bus. I wonder why she would ever want to get out of jail at this point - her family wouldn't possibly be able to have a relationship with her after this and I'm sure no one in the surrounding area believes in her innocence! This was my excitement for yesterday and will continue to be great news for 6-8 weeks. Have you followed anything about the case so far?

Unfortunately I woke up yesterday with an awful sore throat, which I'm really hoping will not turn into anything more. I went to Walgreens to pick up cough drops, airborne and cough medicine this morning, then I proceeded to take all at the same time and feel quite nauseous. The feeling has settled but my throat is still bothering me and I feel a runny nose coming on. I wouldn't mind so much but my bachelorette party is this weekend! any advice on how to spare myself from a cold in the coming days?

Adam decided to go away for the entire holiday weekend, so It's just me and my friends/family for my last weekend at home. We have plans for Saturday night in downtown Orlando and will maybe throw a few more things in during the days since I'm free for all of them. Tonight is the night that my mom, sister and I get the brazilian blowout and I'm really excited to see the results!

Next week I only work for 3 days and then pack and move, so I almost feel like I am an outsider looking in as things are so surreal. I can't come to grips with all of the excitement and change that is about to happen! I wanted to say thank you for all of the personal well wishes, also. :)

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