Friday, March 4, 2011

Countdown: 101 Days to go

Well, I have officially been an engaged girl for a month, and we are only 101 days out from the wedding and only 97 days from landing in St Thomas. I know that the time will fly, but I am definitely enjoying these few upcoming months.

I ended up chickening out of my consultation yesterday. A facebook friend who works for Bumble and Bumble recommended that I try the new Wear and Care line that they have, so I went ahead and splurged on the Mending Masque, Complex and Conditioner. I am hoping that this will bring my damages top layers back to life, and am going to avoid a cut for now. I am just not ready to make a drastic change (which I think may be required), especially before the wedding. My products will be here next week and in a few more I'll do a review. It was pretty pricey, but if it improves my hair then it will be totally worth it!

I have been updating my To-Do list daily, so here's what I am looking at now:
Buy wedding bands
Go to alterations
Mail marriage license forms/money order
Buy earrings (I found a pair on etsy today that I am pretty sure I will go with)
Buy hair flower for Kelly/Meaghy
Buy cardstock to make:
       welcome notes
       place cards
Decorate block letters
Get final head count
Buy palm fans
Buy Bags
Buy items for bags per headcount
Get bridesmaids brunch together (Since we will be away the days before, I want to put together something small to give gifts at, just some food/drinks)
Put together gifts
Write letters to those who will receive them
Order favors
Confirm photos/times with hair/makeup people
Make nail appointment for June (I will be taking my sisters and mom out to get mani/pedis the night before we leave, which I think will be a fun final thing!)
Make iPod playlists
Make lists of things to pack
Make an appointment for highlights before the wedding
Call ahead to restaurants in St Thomas for welcome dinner
Receive about 10 packages this week
Keep an eye out for a pair of shorts and a couple dresses (continue to resist the urge to buy bikinis!!)
Look for a J-O-B!

This week I managed to purchase:
Cake Topper
OOT Bag items
Gifts for the girls
pair of wedges (to go with the other dresses for pre wedding and honeymoon)
Favor holders

I am heading to Gainesville at 4:30 today, so I also packed about 5 bags full of things to transfer over to the house. I want to be able to move small things gradually so we don't have to worry about that on the big trip.

Big changes, people!  Enjoy your weekend :)

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