Monday, February 28, 2011

Warm Weekend

Happy Monday! It's so sad how fast the weekends fly by and in the bat of an eyelash we are back at work. I hope that everyone had a lovely couple of days off. To say that the weather was gorgeous here would be an understatement, as we had sunny, clear skies with temps in the low 80's here. I got a lot of accomplished that I had been putting off, including an oil change and switching out a burnt bulb headlight. It's those sort of things that I lack motivation to get done for some reason. Sitting at the oil change place is the worst, so I really wanted to drag Adam along for the ride :)

I feel as if I totally fell off the wagon, health wise. I ate chicken fingers, fries, honey mustard sauce, more fries, rice, enchiladas, a bagel and candy all weekend and didn't manage to workout once. I am definitely aiming to get 5 workouts in this week! Warm weather makes me want to lay outside or sit with a drink on a patio and makes me much less inclined to want to be at the gym.

We also tried these new (at least I've never seen them before) Malibu premixed drink bags. In spite of the spouts being very hard to use, the drinks tasted very refreshing, I really loved the mojito one with the hint of mint in it. They would be perfect for parties, or just to keep in your fridge for when you want a drink. Since they're all sealed up you dont need to worry about them going bad once you have a glass.

I am hoping to get some things purchased for the wedding and start knocking items off of my lengthy to-do/buy list this week. I'm also starting to keep my eyes open for jobs in Gainesville, which is sure to be a difficult task, so I've got my work cut out for me. Wishing everyone a great start to their week (and March)!

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