Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

The day of love is upon us, and I hope that everyone enjoys it and shares with people that mean the most to them! Adam and I celebrated this past weekend. I got him a sushi server plate with two cute little sushi dishes, to go with his new found love of raw fish and rice. Hopefully we can use it sometime soon when we get takeout.

Adam made reservations at Flemings, which neither of us had been to before. To say it was delicious, incredible, amazing would only begin to describe our meal. It was one of the best dining experiences that I have had. They had a preset menu and we went with the filet and crab stuffed jumbo shrimp option. Both were delectable and we were happy to have leftovers for the next day. (This menu is still good tonight, and they give you a $25 card to use on a future visit)

Speaking of the next day, we have been getting wedding plans set into place this past week and were trying to finalize everything on Saturday. We sat down with my mom to go over flights, pricing and everything else and were there for a good few hours doing so (as my mom and I have done every other night through the week). We are almost definite on a date in June and hope to know by mid-week. We have always talked of doing a destination wedding, so that is what we are trying to pull off.

An island wedding is a lot less stressful than planning a big shabang in town, and just the thought of relaxing in paradise with our families is ideal to us. We were not people who wanted to wait a year to plan, and right now we have a plan of what is perfect for us - we just need to get all of the perfect people to come along for the ride.

I'm excited to check out some of the blog worlds Valentines Day dishes! I am keeping my meals simple right now to try to keep my weight down. I basically cut down all of my snacking during the week while at work, which I know will really help. Did anyone do anything fun this past weekend? We also bowled to celebrate my dads birthday, which was something different and fun!

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