Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts, on a Friday

Last night I was determined to wake up at 5 today and hit the gym. I only did 2 cardio sessions and 2 strength classes this week, so I really needed a third day. On Wednesday we did a hamstring move in class that has completely hindered me from doing anything faster than walking, so that gym plan went out the window today. Plus, there were thunderstorms rolling in during that time and that can really make it hard to get out the door. Back to that nasty hamstring move, in class yesterday a girl and I paired up and were discussing how we could barely move our legs, and she couldn't believe she was running so poorly, a 9 minute mile! I just kind of laughed, while in the back of my mind thinking 'I run a 10 minute mile and she is complaining to me about a 9 minute?? She must really overestimate my running skills!' Of course, that is fine with me and I will play dumb that I am not as much of a pro as most people at the gym.

This week I tried to do a lower carb/sodium diet because I felt like I was retaining water or gaining or something, and I am happy to report that it worked and I am feeling much better today. I ate oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, chicken with veggies for lunch and dinner varied (lean cuisine, chicken, etc.). This coming week I'll be back on a more normal workout schedule, and I also plan to do chicken pitas for lunch and fish and veggies for dinner with a fruit salad type breakfast. Today I splurged on an iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato for breakfast, which is hitting the sweet spot!

Adam's daughter is still in town, so he gets to have her again for the weekend. I am excited to have some calmer time together, as it will just be the three of us. We are all headed up to Gainesville after work today through Sunday afternoon, so hopefully the rain stops and it doesn't cool down too much for us to do some fun activities.

Ever since I've gotten a taste of the warmer weather, I am ready to wear short sleeves and not look back! Although the high is the low 60s today (and high 50s in Gainesville) I am still sticking to my guns :)

Shirt: JCrew Tissue T
Belt: GAP
Jeans: Express Straight Leg Stella
Necklace: Tiffanys

I love how soft this shirt is, and the detailing on the top.
It's a nice way to add a little oomph while still being super comfy.

Yay, I'm wearing my new belt! I am really starting to like the whole belt look.

One thing I love about my hair length is that I can go natural/curly and it doesn't become shoulder length.
I received a new blowdryer this past Christmas with a good diffuser attachment, so it makes it so much quicker to style my hair, and is a lot healthier than the straightener.
 Is anyone else as ready for warm weather as I am? I got a new bathing suit already and I'm ready to settle in by the pool with a drink and play a card game, and ready to cruise somewhere! I am desperately missing my tan. Hopefully by mid February I will have spring vacation planned and start the preparations.

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