Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kicking Off Your 2011 Program

I have an addiction. To bathing suits. It's really bad. It is my favorite thing to shop for and each year I probably get 2-3 new suits. Thank God I go to the pool every weekend from March-September and really do get good use out of them. Every year, before the warm season hits, I go through my bathing suit drawer and try all of the previous years ones on to see 'what I'm working with' weight-wise. (remember when I did this last year and it just made me mad?) This year I decided to do that early, and so last night I tackled the drawer. I have to say that this is the best try on year yet! They all still fit and I don't find myself in a place where I need to drop 5 pounds to look ok in a bikini. I went through and decided to move some out of the drawer (ones that are 3+ years old and never worn) to make room for new ones.

Yesterday I was really good about kicking off my healthy living for the year. I went to my strength class, which I havent been to since early December, and I am so glad that I did. I realize how low my strength endurance is getting just in a few weeks of not working those muscles. I am shooting to go twice a week, and hoping that the groove comes back fairly quickly.

Today I started off my Tuesday with a well rounded breakfast. I forgot about Oatmeal when I jotted down things to eat in my last post, but when I saw it in the work kitchen this morning I thought that it sounded like a filling meal. I don't really like the taste of plain oatmeal, so I usually throw some chocolate chips in. We have the fun size hershey bars at work, so I broke up half of one and tossed it in, stirring to melt it. I will have a cutie clementine (thanks, Mom!) and my coffee too. It totals out to be 188 calories.

For lunch I'm eating my last bowl of homemade vegetable/ham soup that my Mom made, along with some wheat thins and a mini babybell, and Dinner will be roasted mushrooms, asparagus and baby carrots in addition to a bbq chicken quesadilla lean cuisine. I do have about 100 calories worth of candy in my plan today and I will end the day with about 1200 calories total, which for my height is exactly what I need. For a workout I will just do a 4 mile run on the treadmill, followed by a 10 minute high incline walk.

Did you try to get to the gym yesterday? I was lucky enough to get a treadmill at 4:30, and my class was surprisingly empty! I hope that I can get another spot today, and hopefully by February people will be less inclined to go after work.

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