Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Craziness

With Christmas being only 10 days away, I am finding myself lost in that mood of wanting to do nothing but sit around and eat sweets. I am pretty unmotivated to work, although the long list of to-dos has me busy so far. Tonight Erin, Meaghy and I are going to a cookie exchange which will bring me down even further into the Holidays and less into the working part of life in December.

Since Adam will be working up until later on Christmas Eve, we decided to have our Christmas Celebration this weekend so I am definitely looking forward to that! We will have a nice dinner Friday and then have our faux Christmas on Saturday. Think: presents, stockings, breakfast casserole, fireplace, movies, driving around to see the lights and much time on the couch. I am hoping that this will be an extra special Christmas!

My camera took a turn for the worse and doesn't really work at all now, so I have a lot less photos going on. I will probably invest in a new one early on in the coming year. I would especially like to have one for the first few weeks of January, as that is when Erin's birthday will be and also when Adam's daughter is coming to visit. I am super excited for that, as she is the cutest and it melts my heart to see Adam being such a great Dad (and also gets my clocks ticking even more than they already are). We plan to have a Birthday Party for her, so I am going to do a few DIY decorations that I plan to post in the coming weeks, I just need to find all of the supplies that I need!

I am happy to say that I have not gained a pound this season! I can't really imagine doing that much damage in a one week time span either, so I think that I made it out of the Holidays just as I came into it, which is always a plus. Erin asked me not too long ago if I would be doing another Lemonade Diet drink cleanse this year, and I could confidently respond NO! I have always done that in the past, but it seems that I really do finally have my routine under control. I think what really helps is the fact that I still track my calories and exercise daily on Spark People. I still need to actually calculate and visually see what I am eating.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! We are almost to another weekend :)

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