Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Round 1

Happy Monday! I know that a lot of lucky people are off this week for vacation, and I am just trying to make it through a 3 day work week. I am so excited that it is Christmas week, although I always hate it because I know that on the 26th people will lose all of the Christmas spirit and cheer and return to normal. I wish the holidays lasted longer than 1 month, it just isn't enough time!

Adam and I celebrated Christmas over the weekend, and it was such a fun time! We kicked 'Christmas Eve' off with a surf and turf dinner (I am so upset I didnt photo the grilled lobster that he made because it was truly divine) and Home Alone. You just can't beat that movie! We also decided to open stockings so that we had candy to munch on, and I won $40 in scratch off tickets!

On Saturday morning we woke up, brewed some coffee and put together a breakfast casserole, then got right to the presents that were eagerly awaiting us under the tree. I wish I had some pictures of Adam and his gifts; he got a lot! Since I didn't have a big item idea, I ended up getting him a lot of smaller things. Among them were a food processor, sports t's, scrabble and a new game called 'Battle Drinks' which we proceeded to play that night. I loved everything I got, which included a package of meat and cheese (which I think is so funny because I really do love those things but don't think I ever mentioned it??), a bracelet that I had asked for and that Coach clutch that I was raving about before! I was really very surprised that I got that, and it goes to show that Adam really does pay attention and knows me well. It is something that I would never buy for myself at this point but that I absolutely love. I now find myself even more upset that we have no New Years parties to attend, because this really is a bag to be reserved for such events.

Coach Occasion Collectible Sequin Clutch: I LOVE how sparkly and shiny it is. It reflects all of the surrounding lights and looked especially nice with the Christmas lights beaming off of it. It is actually quite large and roomy inside and the sales girl said that she owns it and that the sequins are sturdy, which you can
tell by touching and moving them that they are.

Hive and Honey Triple Pearl Bracelet, via Piperlime: This was an item that was on my Christmas list, and it is really a pretty bracelet. I was extremely disappointed when all of the crystals started falling out! I was thinking of exchanging it for a new one, but now that it is final sale I would really be screwed it I got another and it had the same problem. I read a review on another Hive and Honey piece that had crystals and they were falling out of that as well. They probably need to find a better way of securing them on. I really wish that I could keep this, as I absolutely love it.

Since Adam's Limoncello is all ready and bottled up, he decided to infuse something else in his jar. We looked through the recipe book and I picked out the Sunny Tomato option. When we were in NC, we went to a restaurant called Bogart's American Grill that has a whole Martini Bar, and Adam got a Tomato infused drink which turned out to be really good, so I am hoping that this will channel the same result.

Sunny Tomato Infused Vodka:
750 mL vodka
8 Sun Dried Tomatoes
3 Sprigs Cilantro

Add all ingredients into your infusion jar and let sit for 3 days.

We also made Cornish Hens for dinner on Saturday, which turned into a fiasco for a bit. We waited to cook until about 8:30, and by what was online and the package we thought it took 1 hour to cook. It ended up being 11 before we ate, but they turned out good in the end. I would blog it if I knew the proper cooking time but at this point I'm not sure!

I am looking forward to the weekend, these work days are going to creep by and I really need to fit 3 workouts in this week. No slacking off for me!!

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