Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Outfits

It is November! I am thrilled to be into the Holiday season, as it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. This weekend I have Christmas and birthday shopping to do, and I think I'll be done my Christmas scarves by Wednesday which means I can make one for me! I'm thinking of doing a circular scarf and I got a really pretty purpley yarn to contrast with grey and pink stripes. Next weekend will be in the low 70s, which is perfect for getting into the Holiday Spirit.

This past weekend I felt like dressing up, because usually I am pretty casual. Friday night was an 'out' night to watch the magic, and so Instead of going with a Magic T I threw together something nicer. Then I changed into my Magic T before we actually went out, as I needed to show my support. So, I am actually wearing this top with black flats anda black pair of pants at work today. I really do love the top with the boots, though. The cream ruffle top and cami are both from Express, and the jeans are GAP distressed Skinny jeans.

Since the Magic shirt really didn't do any good, on Sunday I opted to not support any of my football players. Maybe this is key, because I am winning this week! I have been trying to buy some more neutral things that can go with a lot and I scored this JCrew tissue-t on sale. I like the detailing on the neckline and the simplicity of it. I wore my William Rast jeans, which have been sitting in the Gaiensville house and I totally forgot about. I really like the back pockets of them and am happy I dug them up. This is proof that I own WAY too many jeans and cannot keep track of them!

I have done a pretty good job of stocking my winter wardrobe, so in the coming month I should have some fun clothes to post. I don't know why, but I think looking at pictures of people is fun wether you like their clothes or not. Maybe it's just me? :)

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